To Blog? Or not to Blog?

It’s the word of the moment. Blogging.
I was a few years late getting on the Facebook train, and even later jumping aboard Instagram. At last I am succumbing to 2019 and ladies and gents……. I’m a blogger.

Let the blogging begin.

My name is Vanessa. I’m ready to blog and fill cyberspace with my words of wisdom.

Step one (I have been informed) is to have a platform.’What do you have to tell the world? What are your interests?’. Brace yourselves.

Well, my first love is my dogs. Three little pomeranians who take up most of my time and all of my heart. Bunny, Bear and Diva. You’ll want to meet them right now because as a proud fur parent I presume everyone is besotted with doggos.

Bear, Bunny and Diva.

See? Adorable. You’ll want to follow me just for the dog stories. There will be dog stories. (Please inbox me now if you want to pay me thousands of dollars to put them on a pet product because I’d love to retire).

Let’s push on with the summary of my interests which will hold my audience enraptured. Like most ladies I have a thing for SHOES. Meh. I was Carrie Bradshaw long before SJP burst into my living room in SATC (forever making me obsessed with New York and Chris Noth). I don’t have her walk in closet but it’s not a bad effort. Here’s a preview. I’m a size 36 and no, I didn’t buy all of them on sale. It’s a dirty, filthy habit but I’ll never quit.

There’s a lot more where these came from.

In the mould of a shoe wielding, dog doting woman it follows that I also don’t mind the odd drink. I come from a long line of teetotallers (first fascinating fact) and had my first swig at 29. I was a slow starter but I’m a determined finisher. A Cosmopolitan swigging, Manolo wearing woman clutching several fluffy dogs. I think you’re getting the gist now.

Blonde woman armed with alcohol.
(Wedding rings in this photograph are now defunct).
Currently SINGLE blonde woman armed with alcohol.

So what DOES a blonde, dog obsessed, recently divorced (may as well go there), shoe collecting lady do with her life?

I love to write. It’s a form of entertaining. Writing can amuse, educate, transport and change us. The writer and the reader of the words go on a journey together. It can be a long or a short trip. Life changing, or just a moment in a day. One of the reasons to start a blog. The power of the written word. Plus, I get to talk about myself. Who doesn’t love to do that. Another way to release the Narcissist within.

First blog done.
Nessieshoes over and out. xx

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