The Pyjama/Pajama Game.

When I was younger I always used to stay in my clothes until bed time. Jeans, jumper, skirt, tights, frock, whatever. I don’t even think I was the proud owner of a pair of track pants until I’d hit 30 clicks. Clothes were for wearing. Night attire was for sleeping. Slippers were for nannas. Dressing gowns solely served the purpose of a quick cover up in the morning. Not scaring any unsuspecting humans you opened the door to in your nightie being the general aim.

Ah, but then. Then something odd happened as I hurtled towards 40. I discovered the appeal of wandering about the house for extended hours in my PJ’s. Not just the jammies; but also a variety of dressing gowns of different weights. And slippers. Nice, fluffy slippers. Then I was given a pair of house socks as a birthday gift. You know the ones with the rubber dots on the bottom so you don’t slip over? Sweet fancy Moses. Like a wooly sock and slipper in one. Sheer genius.

Now I am of a particular age, the pyjama obsession is complete. I am dedicated to the jim-jam. I have been known to wear them all day if I’m not going out. This doesn’t mean there’s a non shower situation going on. Gracious no. You discard one set of night attire at around lunch time, have a shower and climb into a fresh lot. If it’s also a day you changed the bed linen, we’re talking an outstanding pyjama day. Twenty-something me would be utterly disdainful of older me.

Having already confessed to an impressive shoe stash, I’ve subsequently examined my jammies stash. Not bad. We have … very-hot weather, hot weather, mid-season, normal winter and extra-cold winter varieties. Four dressing gowns of various weights, 3 pairs of slippers and a drawer of house socks. In 2002 Elizabeth Taylor penned her book, “My Love Affair With Jewelery”. I could substitute the word “Pyjamas” for my masterpiece I think. Not as good a read or photographic content, but it’d have a quaint appeal.

Current pyjama quota.

The term pyjama was borrowed from a Hindustani word pay-jama. The style of clothing was adopted by Europeans during British East India Company rule in India (Wikipedia). At first only the European fellas ‘lounged’ in a nice cotton draw string pant. We ladies joined the craze a lot later. As time has passed it’s become accepted sleep wear, with a huge variety to choose from. Americans spell it pajama and the Brits spell it pyjama. Just as awesome either way.

Muslim girl in India wearing payjamas and kuriti (lithograph from Emily Eden’s ‘Portraits of the Princes and People of India’, 1844).

In the U.S.A. there is a ‘National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day’ on April 16. True story. How bloody fabulous is that? April 15 is the day everyone’s taxes are due in America. I’m guessing they figure citizens have been up half the night cooking the books; the next day dressing oneself will just all be a bit too hard. I’m not really impressed with The States just now, but reading that gave me a rush of affection for the place. Mind you, a mental image of Trump in Summer shortie PJ’s talking a lot of crap at a press conference is a tad off putting. If we bring in an equivalent on July first here; ScoMo in his Winter flannies during Question Time is also somewhat stomach churning.

I have spoken to several friends on the pyjama topic in recent weeks, and we’re all at it. One works from home and her beloved calls it her ‘Corporate Uniform’. She’s busily emailing important clients in her Snoopy onesie at 2pm. You go girlie. It’s clearly not just an isolated pod of pyjama fanatics I’ve surveyed. I have seen people wearing them in the street in recent times. A dash to the letterbox is one thing. Even a secretive expedition to Maccas drive through in a nugget and fries emergency gets a pass. However. Strolling about a Westfield in your Garfield antique jammy bottoms – is pushing the envelope. If I reach that stage give me a stern talking to.

I’m still a high heel wearing, fashion obsessed chick. But really, for all its downsides, age is a marvellous thing. You reach that level of self acceptance where it becomes pleasurable to be in your home dagging about in whatever you desire. It’s Prada pumps off and pyjamas on when the day is done. Today’s PJ’s dress down commenced at 4pm. I am not ashamed. Get in the pyjama game people. If you haven’t already….. you know you want to. šŸ˜‰ Sweet dreams all. xx

My Love Affair With Jewelery.
Elizabeth Taylor (2002)

Pajamas – Wikipedia

National Pajama Day

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